Yoyoyoyoyoyo everyone and welcome back to Creationeer Gaming! I have a few things to update you folks on so sit back, grab a glass of your favourite mixer and let’s jump right in to the bullshit.

First off, YouTube is a cunt. Not new news to most folk who follow the channel but I’ve put 2 and 2 together and got 24, because YouTube is fucked. So basically, I had a fan that followed me from dtube, a super fan you could say, nice enough guy, problem was he sent me a message that said this:

“Hey dude, I bought you some subs because you need more, yeah you need way more”

And suddenly I saw 500 subs pop up in my channel, ok sweet right? YouTube have since said fucking no and have torpedoed my channel, limiting visibility and whatnot and there is no way to fucking save it….unless I start a new channel and upload to that with a new email address, which I will…when I get the effort for it up, which I can’t because it’s demoralising as fuck but it’ll be ok.

As for the rest of the bullshit, I’ve started playing games with another team, goodboy gaming, which are all mancs, expect some horrifically northern accents and words to come out of that

GTA V Example of Northness

Aside from that, I’m smashing though the variou endings of Cyberpunk but I think I’ll leave my third playthrough for when the big update and DLC comes in. As much as I love the game I can see it is unfinished, and what we don’t need is a game with half the narrative missing ala Battlestar Gallacticas last season or MGS5…because fuck Konami.

I’ve got a lot planned out and a shit load of content to go through for videos but the problem is finding time. I started a job and it’s getting incresingly hard to find time to make stuff but hopefully shit will level out soon and I can at least get the COD funny moments out pretty soon including some gems from our Snakeh.

For now fuckers, enjoy the coof, play games, and I’ll catch you later