Hi everyone,

2019 has been a wild ride so far! I’ve finally cracked 1000 subscribers after 2 years of grind on YouTube, so first of all, thank you for joining me on this journey.

Now is the time to expand! To aid in that, I’ve created a second channel which is focused on the more professional side. You see, my “day job” is in IT, primarily in cloud apps and services so I want to bring in some tutorials on that. I also want to do web, photo, audio and video editing tutorials, simple things that will help people get going and get creative. It should be a lot of fun! Check out the new logo reveal below:

It needs some audio adding but you get the idea

So that’s now a thing.

Also, I’ve launched my Patreon page, because despite hitting 1000 subs and being on the platform for a few years I’m still not monetised on YouTube because they hate us little people.

Check that out at:

I also need to work on alternative platforms, such a Dtube, Dlive and Daily Motion (yes, that is a thing too) and perhaps Vimeo, though probably not. More places, more reach, more eyes on, basically more of everything!

As for this site, here is where things get really interesting. I’m thinking of splitting the site in to multiple parts. I know what you’re thinking, “Shaune what the fuck does that mean?!” allow me to explain. So, everything right now is in one place, the vids, the blogs (this) and everything else. What I want to do is set up all the entities as separated sections, so Works and in future, Merch will seem to be their own site, with their own functions. For example, Works will be a place for resources and tutorial pages and the like, Merch is a dedicated store front and this will be my shitposting/rants/gaming stuff.

I really would like to take content creation full time but as it stands right now, I really can’t, so time to expand rapidly! To do that I need your help. Share the content, subscribe if you haven’t, donate to Patreon if you can and use the Amazon affiliate links in the channel descriptions.

Many thanks and I look forward to what is to come. Let’s get on it!