Hey all,

Throwing this one out there because it’s a thing and hopefully give it a signal boost. There’s been a bit of a new trend going around Battlefield 5, which hooks in to the Nvidia driver (possibly AMD too? Not 100% sure). Basically this reduces the number of rendered elements down to the very basics, increasing visibility of players massively.

If you have played BF5, you will know it is notorious for player visibility being very low, when compared to pretty much every other Battlefield game previously. It’s become a bit of a meme joke to ask if a player has their detail level set low because they kill people with ease, but now that joke seems to be a reality.

JackFrags explains more:

Cheeky, but not surprising, sadly. I’ve also seen an increase in the number of absurdities in the last week or 2 so hopefully Dice will step up their efforts to keep things even between players.